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Types Of Motorcycle

Types Of Motorcycle

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Types Of MotorcycleThe cruiser, also nicknamed a chopper, was designed for cruising, hence, how it got its name. It typically has a little lower seat height, making it a good “cruising” around-town motorcycle, but with a little added luggage, it can make a good weekend rider. The engine sizes again are pretty varied from a small displacement engine through 1,000cc or more depending on the brand. You may feel more like you’re sitting in a cruiser than on it, but it’s a great option for both new and experienced riders.

When you imagine a cruiser (specifically a chopper), Harley-Davidson may be the first brand that comes to mind. We recommend looking at the H-D Low Rider for a good example of a cruiser. It’s a low slung motorcycle that can travel for miles and has a lot of accessories to make it a great motorcycle for a quick trip or a good weekend out on the road.


Types Of MotorcycleThe Chopper is perhaps the most iconic motorcycle in the history of the United States. It emerged in the late 1950s as an icon to get around the country and it has been featured in numerous television shows, films, and advertisements as an icon of rugged masculinity. The extreme style of this motorbike, which uses modified steering angles and lengthened forks, make it an aesthetically pleasing sight. This is also one of the best Types Of Motorcycle.

The motorcycle is built from an original motorcycle which is chopped, hence the name. The features that are most iconic are the long front ends which extend like forks. They are also coupled with an increased angle for the rake and hardtail frames.

The Chopper is also responsible for the design of perhaps the most iconic motorcycle of all time, the Harley Davidson. From the eponymous company, the motorcycle became an iconic sight in the 1960s and has gone on to become a symbol of the traveling American male.

Dirt Bike – (Off-Road)

Types Of MotorcycleDirt Bikes also known as Off-Road bikes were designed for the adventurer who enjoys taking their bike off the beaten path. For clarification purposes, when one speaks of “off-road”, they’re referencing roads that are not paved conventionally. The roads that these types of bikes favor are rough in nature, typically consisting largely of sand and gravel. Compared to their on-road counterparts, off-road vehicles are much simpler to operate and are far lighter due to its inclusion of long suspension travel, high ground clearance, and rugged, lightweight body. The wheels of off-road bikes have knobby tires and are generally clamped to the rim with a rim lock.  Most are pretty lightweight and ready to ride the back trails all weekend. Kawasaki makes a good lineup for off-road motorcycles that don’t break the bank.

Sport Bike

article on motorcycle typeThe sports genre of motorcycles is meant for speed and agility with forward-leaning ergonomics ready to carve some corners while riding. One of the largest differences with a Sports type motorcycle is their weight. They are generally one of the lighter motorcycles made from a lot of aluminum and lighter materials to increase the side to side maneuverability. The seat height is usually on the higher end to be able to lean the motorcycle farther without scraping footpegs or fairings. This is also one of the best Types Of Motorcycle.

Shorter riders may be on their tiptoes with the taller seat height. Suzuki is thought of as the starter of this type of motorcycle in the 1980s with the GSXR line-up. Still going strong today, we’d recommend looking at the Suzuki GSXR600 as a good motorcycle for this type. It has enough power to do everything, and with added accessories.

Touring motorcycle

types of motorbikeAs the name implies, touring motorcycles are primarily designed for touring. Practically any motorcycle can be used for such purposes, but manufacturers went to great lengths to ensure that the rider was as comfortable as possible while riding. You can think of touring motorcycles as the exact opposite of sportbikes. Where sportbikes were built for maximum speed, touring motorcycles were built for comfortability. In many cases, touring motorcycles sport large displacement fairings and windshields that protect the rider from the wind and weather. Engines that offer a good amount of low-end horsepower, larger gas tanks for driving longer ranges without having to fill up. And, most importantly, a more comfortable upright seating position (when compared to sport bikes). This is also one of the best Types Of Motorcycle.

Touring motorcycles go by a medley of names, especially in the United States. Such names include a dresser, full dress tourer, full dresser, bagger, and full bagger. In many cases, these names are referenced in a joking manner. Originally, these names were applied to cruisers that sported a full set of panniers or saddlebags (such as Harley-Davidsons). Now, such monickers are reserved for touring motorcycles.

Sports Touring Motorcycle

article on motorcycle typeThe Sport Touring motorcycles are a solid mix between the Sport and the Touring, just as their name suggests. They are usually taller in seat height than a Touring motorcycle and have better luggage options than the Sport motorcycles for hauling extra gear on the longer trips. They mix both styles well and with the right equipment can do it all between quick trips with friends or some of the longer road trips you’ve been thinking about. Engine sizes are usually in the mid-range to some of the larger available.

Just use your best judgment for what size you need that will fit your riding style the best. Kawasaki makes a good Sport Touring motorcycle in the Concours14 ABS. It will hold quite a bit of extra gear and will allow you to put on a lot of miles over a long weekend. The engine size is a little larger for the extra power to cruise the highways across the country. This is also one of the best Types Of Motorcycle.


article on motorcycle typeThe standard type of motorcycle is a common favorite because it has a simple design and is suited for all purposes. It has variations from 125cc up to 1,000cc and can be fitted with luggage, a tank bag, a different seat, and it makes a good first and all-around motorcycle to ride. It doesn’t normally come with a large fairing on the front if it has one at all. Ergonomics are pretty neutral as it isn’t very forward-leaning or rearward reclining. Seat height usually is in the shorter to middle range and can usually fit almost everyone comfortably. We recommend looking at the Yamaha SR400 for a good all-around town motorcycle. It’s not too large for a beginner, yet not too small for an experienced rider.

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